Following the shift from family separation to indefinite family detention, Trump’s cruel immigration policies are continuing to come under significant pressure in the streets, in the media, and in the courts. Media reports and immigrant rights organizations have begun to identify and pressure the private profiteers behind the immigrant detention apparatus, including: private prison companies like Geo Group and CoreCivic; ICE contractors like Microsoft; military contractors like General Dynamics; and banks that provide financing for private prisons like Wells Fargo, among others.

While some elected officials are calling for the abolition of ICE and supporting policies to end immigrant detention, many more take money from companies that have a vested interest in immigrant detention continuing. On this webinar, we’ll share some tips and tricks for how to research if your congressperson, senator, or governor has accepted donations from private prison companies and other immigrant detention profiteers so you can hold them accountable. We’ll also share some recent LittleSis research on the different types of profiteers so you leave with an understanding of all the different ways corporations are profiting from Trump’s “zero-tolerance” policies.