Today I wanted to share with you a way I have recently discovered to make the very best sauteed mushrooms we have ever enjoyed. Normally I would saute mushrooms with butter, onion, Worcestershire sauce and a few seasonings like fresh garlic, salt, pepper and even a bit of Italian seasoning. That is a lot going on there. No more! The way I have discovered is the best ever! Trust me on this one! My girls ask me to make mushrooms all the time, even if the really don’t go with the meal.

I have recently been able to get some beautiful white button mushrooms from my farm store where we get our milk. They are hands down, but prettiest mushrooms I have seen in a long time and since I can get them in bulk, I can make as much or as little as I like, however I normally make at least one pound at a time, but today I am doing two because we are having these along with a hot hamburger plate for dinner.

These start with a half a stick of butter, melted, then I add the cleaned mushrooms to the pan and toss them in the butter. Then I add a teaspoon of beef bullion powder and a teaspoon of seasoning. I am using a garlic pepper seasoning called “Harlem Garlic Pepper” from Badia, I am totally addicted to this seasoning and have been adding it to a lot of different dishes as of late. This is super garlicky. Like garlic and garlic and garlic and black pepper and salt. I get mine at my local Food Lion in the Latin foods section, but anywhere that sells this brand or has a great Latin food selection, will have this seasoning. Badia is one of my favorite ethnic brands and I have a lot of different selections from them in my spice collection because they are delicious and affordable!

Toss all those spices and bullion powder in with the mushrooms and then put a lid on your pan, over medium high heat. Leave it alone, don’t even peek for at least 15 minutes. When you come back the pan will be filled with all those good mushroom juices mixed with the butter. Now remove the lid and let the pan continue to simmer for another 10 minutes or until most of the liquid is evaporated and the sauce is reduced. When you come back the pan will sound like it is sizzling a bit. This will be a good indicator that all the water is gone and all you have left is mushrooms, butter and amazing concentrated flavor!

Now enjoy taste these mushrooms and tell me they are not amazing! The earthy flavor of the mushroom really comes out and is enhanced by that little bit of bullion powder and seasoning. These are perfect in my opinion. When your teenagers ask you repeatedly for something, you know it must be good. If you are not a mushroom lover, I apologize, but you are really missing out!

I hope you give this method of sauteing mushrooms a try because I promise you that you are going to love them!

Happy Eating!

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