Is PZ4 the Pizza Girl?
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After Chad Wild Clay made HACKER UNMASK in NINJA BATTLE ROYALE vs PROJECT ZORGO (First To Find PZ4 Wins Challenge IRL), Daniel uploaded the video PROJECT ZORGO TRAP VY QWAINT! Searching for Secret Hacker Safe House Escape Room, and Vy Qwaint created FIND BURIED TREASURE & Win NINJA GADETS vs PROJECT ZORGO IN REAL LIFE (Mystery Box Unboxing Haul), Vy Qwaint gets taken by Project Zorgo and goes missing in the vent. PZ4 gets a hold of her and conducts experiment B235 on Vy in hopes to get her to join Project Zorgo. Little does PZ4 know, Vy Qwaint has been training her mind using Mind Shield on the Spy Ninja Network app. Vy is successfully able to resist the B235 as well as the Pause Challenge. However, that does not stop PZ4 from taking her to the Project Zorgo Headquarters. Chad and Daniel help Vy get out of the escape room challenge. They get into an epic ninja battle royale and eventually escape with a top secret USB device. Chad goes on to distract these hackers on a in-line skating rollerblade chase and Vy and Daniel use their spy gadgets and hacking skills to unlock the hidden clues and evidence in this USB thumb drive. Vy and Daniel discover a secret map where all of Chad’s ninja gadgets are being hidden. Vy and Daniel explore an abandoned town and have to use a metal detector at 3am to find the buried treasure. Will they also find and win $10,000 cash money while metal detecting like Carter and Lizzy Sharer? Once they discover all the secret items they do an ebay mystery box unboxing haul fruit ninja style. In this video, Vy Qwaint, Daniel and Chad WIld Clay find out that PZ4 is either the pizza girl, the private investigator or the skittles girl. Vy decides to track the pizza girl in hopes of confronting her and exposing her for who she truly is a Project Zorgo member. Once she gets close to uncovering who PZ4 is, PZ4 disappears. Could she be the disappearing hacker? Hopefully Chad, Daniel and Vy Qwaint can find out more secret evidence and clues about PZ4! Thank you for watching my entertainment comedy videos in 2019!

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