The last time you went to out to one particular popular restaurant, did you try the amazing Texas Roadhouse rolls and butter? From the moment the basket is placed in front of you — along with that delicious cinnamon honey butter — you realize how delightfully dangerous they really are. You would probably love to know how to whip up your very own batch in the comfort of your own kitchen. Today is your lucky day, thanks to this copycat Texas Roadhouse rolls with cinnamon honey butter recipe, inspired by Cincy Shopper!

Happily, these rolls are made with ingredients you likely already have, including yeast, milk, butter, honey, eggs, salt and flour. And on the topic of making them at home, we do have some great news: you absolutely can, and you won’t be able to tell the difference from the originals at Texas Roadhouse.

These sweet and buttery rolls are fairly easy to prepare; the hardest part waiting for the dough to rise (and yes, you have to do this twice!). All your patience pays off in the end, though, especially when you put together the homemade cinnamon honey butter, which really is a must-have, as they pair with the rolls in a way nothing else really can.

The work of kneading dough is therapeutic, and the scents that surround you as your creation bakes in the oven will make your first bite that much sweeter. We know it’ll be hard to stop at just one, but this recipe will help you craft 24 rolls, which should keep you stocked for a few days at least. These would be great bring-alongs to a potluck dinner or as a wonderfully doughy accompaniment to any meal you serve right at home.

Don’t wait for your next Texas Roadhouse trip to get your hands on some amazing rolls. Throw this recipe together while you stream some quality TV and enjoy your sweet rewards fresh out of the oven.

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