If you have yet to experience the glory of Texas Roadhouse, there are a few things you should know before going. From knowing about all the free food you can expect to their special birthday celebrations, be prepared for the best steakhouse meal you’ve had in a long time.

There is so much meat served at Texas Roadhouse that every location has their own butcher who cuts steaks by hand, and hand-cut, never frozen steaks are always going to be better than the alternative. Every restaurant has a giant meat cooler, too, where the meat is kept at a temperature of 34 degrees. They serve everything from ribeyes to filets to prime rib and New York Strips, along with a ton of other meaty dishes, so you know you’re getting the real, fresh deal.

One Redditor, who says they work in meat prep for Texas Roadhouse, had this to say about the quality of the meat:

“I don’t buy it so I can’t say as to the cost but the quality of it is good. The steaks would be the highest grade, then the leftovers from them are used for the kabobs and Dillo bites…so it may not be the best meat ever but it is good.”

Watch the video for more about Texas Roadhouse!

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Every restaurant has a butcher | 0:15
Money for meat | 1:05
Food from scratch | 2:08
A culture of rowdiness | 3:00
You get free food | 3:57
The menu rarely changes | 4:35
Kids are totally welcome | 5:29
Cocktails are serious business | 6:16
Very cold draft beer | 7:15
Bang for your buck | 8:07
What is Bubba’s 33? | 9:09