In this video I will show you how to make Double Decker Tacos MY WAY on the Blackstone Flat Top Outdoor Griddle! THESE ARE BETTER THAN TACO BELL! I love the Blackstone Griddle and Outdoor Style Cooking! This is an EASY, awesome Blackstone griddle taco recipe! Thanks for watching I hope you enjoy! THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!
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Ingredients Needed:
– 1 can refried beans (I used refried BLACK beans)
– Ground Beef (I used 1 pound for this video)
– 1 Packet or 2-4oz of your favorite taco seasoning (season to taste as show in video)
– 1 Chopped Jalapeno Pepper
– 1 Tablespoon of chopped green onion
– Chopped Cilantro
– Flour tortillas
– Hard taco shells
– Your favorite hot sauce (I used El Yucateco)
– Your favorite cheese(es) (I used Chihuahua and cheddar)
– Mexican Crema or table cream

See full video for step by step instructions…

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