Why email marketing should be a core phase-in 

your restaurant marketing plan of attack in 2020.

You own the customer data. You must comply with the CAN-SPAM Act and email best practices.

Facebook, Google+ and Twitter can shut you down if they believe you have violated their Terms Of Service.

(A decision that can be nearly impossible to appeal.)

You can target a ‘warm audience’ at any time.

It’s quicker and cheaper than direct mail,

long a key marketing tactic for pizzeria owners and marketers.

Email marketing is efficient with automation.

Email marketing is very focused on segmentation.

Marketing through email is a very personalized form of marketing.

Why is your restaurant’s email marketing plan important?

Like most marketing tactics, the benefit is to deliver an audience back to your core presence, which is usually a website.

This is because they show up in a local search where Facebook fan pages do not.

One of the best ways to get them to return to your website (or Facebook page) is by sending them an email offering a reason why.

Half of today’s restaurants do not have a website.

From those who have a website, the majority have not kept it current and relevant.

(If you need help with your website, TEXT website to 917-426-6558

Many restaurants are relying on Facebook as their only digital presence.

Very few restaurants have a dedicated online engagement strategy with their customers outside of Facebook.

With engagement on Facebook becoming more challenging due to declining organic reach,

these restaurants could be losing connections with their customers.

“The money is in the list.”

Being able to communicate with people familiar with your brand,

who has self-identified as interested in your offers is a valuable asset.

The market research firm Forrester published a report titled, “Social Relationship Strategies That Work.”

In the report, it says that brands are wasting time and money on Facebook and Twitter.

“Stop making Facebook the center of your relationship marketing efforts,” says Nate Elliott, VP, and Principal Analyst at Forrester.

He says the use of microsites and email marketing

are an integral part of a well-rounded digital marketing plan.

Investing solely in social media marketing without an email strategy is a wasted opportunity and an incomplete marketing plan.

Facebook reach is declining to less than 2%,

which means when you post about your food or events,

very few people see it. Facebook has publicly come out and announced that you have to pay to play.

Your goal is to reach as many consumers as possible who are in a position to buy for pickup, delivery or in-house.

Email allows you to reach them on mobile whenever you like.

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Email Menu Delivery Service for Restaurants

Email Menu Delivery Service for Restaurants