Favorite Hotspots In Paris, France – The Top Five Best Brunch Spots I Found | French Cuisine Is In My Top Five & Being Parisian Tourists With My Friends Is So Much Fun | Sanne Vloet

BONJOUR! (French for HELLO)

Real quick, are you #teamcroissant or #teambaguette?

Is anyone here celebrating Columbus Day?

So today I am sharing my favorite hotspots in Paris, brunch edition! I love breakfast and its the most important meal of my day. I hope you all enjoyed my previous shopping in Paris video, I’ll be making a few more of those when I travel, so let me know where I should do them?

I’m sure I’ve told you guys that I lived in Paris for over half a year when I started modeling four years ago. I moved to New York City right after and I didn’t get a chance to discover all the new trendy spots that opened up. If I missed anything leave a comment with the name of your favorite breakfast spot in Paris!

I’m a big fan of traveling and eating so when I visit new places and experience new cultures I try to eat as much local food as possible. France is probably the only place where I eat croissants, baguettes, and all the other tasty pastries. Does anyone like eclairs? I haven’t had one, but I’m thinking about one now! I sometimes have to pinch myself and remind myself how lucky I am to travel the world and experience the things that I do. I always take a little moment to appreciate life and all of its gifts, especially when you find yourself in Paris at a cafe with coffee and croissants in your hand. I love to go to the old cafe’s have French food and then visit the new hipster places I missed out on when I left Paris the first time when I was eighteen.

In today’s video I’m going to share some of my favorite brunch spots in Paris and I hope you guys get a chance to go if you ever make it to Paris. All the new trendy restaurants offer delicious breakfast bowls, all sorts of toasts, and my one of my favorites PANCAKES (thumbs up for pancakes)!

I just wanted to thank you guys for all your suggestions. A lot of my videos are inspired by your comments and the feedback I receive. I’ve gone on vacations because of your recommendations and I’ve had countless amazing meals at places you all recommended, so thank you guys so much for sharing so much with me.

Leave me a comment about your favorite hotspots in your hometown and if I ever visit I will make sure to go! As always don’t forget to subscribe and give me a thumbs up to let me know how much you love FOOD!



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