Episode 1 of How to eat healthier at restaurants features one of my favorite places to grab some delicious Texas style BBQ! Texas Roadhouse! Grab a seat as I show exactly how I eat out while dieting. (More importantly how I eat high protein at restaurants lol)

When going out to eat while on a diet, it’s important to manage your daily calorie intake and make adjustments to fit your needs. This has done in handy for me as we like to travel and take the kids all around California in the weekends.

Being away from home makes it a bit more challenging to stay true to your nutrition plan however, you’ll find that eating healthy anywhere is very possible these days.

I say it all the time but Protein Hacks is all about enjoying what some call a Diet, and making it something you can stick with permanently. A common misconception is that a diet is a temporary goal that leads to a long term solution.

It’s not about making a drastic change overnight and sticking with it as long as you can manage to for a few weeks. It’s all about building consistency and enjoying every second of it. If you can find a way to enjoy your meal plan, your success will follow!

It was a bit of a challenge making this video with all the current restrictions with restaurants but we found a way to make it work! I look forward to making more vlog type tutorials on how to eat healthier at restaurants once things open up a bit more and we’re able to travel.

It’s a bit self motivated but any way that I can add my traveling videos and make them work out in a fitness related manner is a bonus for me, and I hope you all enjoy them as well! 👍


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