Learn how to make copycat texas roadhouse rolls at home:
“What’s the best smell during winter? Many people will agree with me if I declare my favorite is cinnamon. As the cold season is approaching, adding that scented powder to my bread is such a temptation, and I decided to try a Texas roadhouse rolls recipe.
For the Texas roadhouse bread in its original style, you will need to prepare ingredients for the bread and the filling:
1. The bread
– 120ml warm fresh milk
– ½ tbsp sugar
– 1 tsp yeast
– 200g flour
– 1 egg yolk
– 40g butter
– 15g sugar
– 2g salt
2. The filling
– 30g butter
– 25g icing sugar
– 1g cinnamon powder
These Texas roadhouse rolls are the to-go pick if you are looking for a neat dessert with small, sufficient servings. Sometimes, having a one-bite pastry is much more preferable than cutting a big creamy cake into smaller slices for everyone.”

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Some FAQS you may ask
Does Texas Roadhouse use real butter?
Are Texas Roadhouse rolls made from scratch?

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