Chili Oil is great on dumplings and all. But there is a massive difference between from scratch homemade chili oil, and store bought. When I say massive, I mean MASSIVE. This stuff is so easy to make and really only takes a few minutes of active time. So if you’re not making your own chili oil at home yet, it’s time to start. And keep that bad boy stocked up

(Heads up I know these spices are a tiny bit pricey, but each of these comes with a lot of spices so you can use them for a multitude of batches as well as lots of other things)

Sichuan Chili Flakes:
Black Cardamom:
Sichuan Peppercorns:
Black Vinegar:

Ingredients you’ll need:
1 quart neutral oil (canola, peanut, etc.) *scroll to the bottom for notes
5 star anise
4 cloves garlic bruised left in their skins
2 tablespoons (10g) coriander seeds
1 cinnamon stick
1/3 cup (20g) Sichuan peppercorns
4 black cardamom
1 cup (110g) Sichuan chili flakes (or asian red pepper flakes)
1.5 teaspoon (10g) fine sea salt
1 tablespoon (14g) black vinegar