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Say “Hola” to Mexican food without having to say “Adios” to your figure.

Step 1: Skip the chips
Ask your server to bring you soft tortillas to dip into your salsa, rather than chips.

At fast-food places, request extra salsa instead of the customary cheese topping.

Step 2: Enjoy ceviche
Enjoy ceviche, a citrus-marinated seafood appetizer. Fresh fish and lime juice, which are the main ingredients, are healthy and low in calories.

Step 3: Fill up on soup
Order black-bean soup or gazpacho before your main meal. Vegetable-based soup is often a safe starter, as long as it isn’t loaded with cream.

Step 4: Have the fajitas
Have the fajitas – shrimp, chicken or veggie are the best choices. Avoid the high-calorie toppings, like sour cream and cheese, in favor of extra salsa.

If your entree comes with beans, ask your server to bring you plain beans instead of refried ones, which are traditionally made with lard.

Step 5: Go soft
Order soft taco shells, which are cooked on a griddle, rather than hard ones, which are fried.

Step 6: Avoid the heavy hitters
Avoid chimichangas, chalupas, and chile rellenos, which are deep-fried.

Step 7: Hot sauce
Apply hot sauce liberally. Besides being virtually calorie-free, some research indicates that it may temporarily speed up your metabolism.

Did You Know?
Refried beans are actually only fried once.