Year Round Crisp sweet spicy Pickled Chillis. This 4 ingredient preserved chilli recipe is easily prepared in the thermochef. Enjoy these little colourful beauties in an anti pasta platter or as tapas accompaniments. Lay them on Pizza, flick them through pasta or just munch them on their own. We hope you give this economical little idea a try.
500 grams brown vinegar
250 grams water
250 grams raw sugar
Enough deseeded roughly chopped chillis to fill sterilised jars.
Prepare jars and chills. Combine sugar water and vinegar in the Thermochef cook at 100 degrees celsius for 2 minutes on speed 3. Pour over chillis, place lid on a give it a good shake. Remove lid and top with enough vinegar solution to come to the brim of the jar. Replace lid and store in the fridge. They are supposed to keep for up to 12 months but we have never tested the shelf life as they always get eaten way before then.

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