The French bistro provides an irresistible dining experience, combining fresh, traditional dishes with a friendly atmosphere. With its checkered tablecloths, chalkboard menus brandishing the plats du jour, emblematic wooden chairs, and an endless supply of crusty baguettes, the gastronomic bistro has firmly established itself as a culinary institution.

In the new book “French Bistro”—written by Bertrand Auboyneau (the owner of Bistrot Paul Bert in Paris) and the revered food critic François Simon—Auboyneau offers a seasonal selection of sixty hearty recipes such as rustic country pâté with cognac and wild mushroom confit; scallops cooked in their shells with a piquant twist; shoulder of lamb en cocotte; duck breast with cherries and roasted new potatoes; and for dessert, Paul Bert’s signature Paris-Brest; praline cream in a crisp choux pastry ring; and Île flottante, an island of poached meringue floating in Tahitian vanilla créme anglaise.

To accompany the recipes, Simon outlines the ten commandments that rule a true bistro, such as the importance of an inspirational owner and a highly experienced chef as well as impeccable waiters and the art of creating an authentic decor, dense with the wafting smells of good food and wine.

French Bistro: Seasonal Recipes
Written by Bertrand Auboyneau and François Simon
Photographed by Christian Sarramon

Publisher: Flammarion
Price: $34.95
ISBN: 978-2-08-020088-4

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