These breadsticks are just as soft and buttery as the ones at Olive Garden, if not more! They are really easy to make and so delicious! See below for the ingredients and homemade garlic powder recipe ­čÖé


For the bread:
– 255g (1 cup 2 tbsp) warm water
– 4.5g (1.5 tsp) active dry yeast
– 45g (3 tbsp) melted butter
– 14g (1 tbsp) granulated sugar
– 500g (3 1/3 cup) bread flour
– 12g (1 3/4 tsp) salt

For the toppings:
– 30g (2 tbsp) melted butter
– 3g (1/2 tsp) salt
– 1/4 tsp garlic powder (recipe in description)


Homemade garlic powder recipe:
– Finely chop garlic cloves into small cubes
– Dry the garlic by cooking it over a pan on high heat or sun-drying it
– Take the dryed bits of garlic and use a mortar and pestal or food processor to turn into powder


Music: Youth
Musician: @iksonmusic


Thanks to Lagom Eats for the recipe!