Hi my friends here I’m about to share some more of my exciting dishes with you. I sincerely hope you all are safe with your dear ones out there! My mother was an exceptionally good cook & I learnt from her how to cook this scrumptious “Miris Maalu” (Red fish curry) with a rich layer of oil on top of the curry! Since we have 100% original home milled fresh coconut oil with that fresh nutty fragrance. When Tuna chilli curry is being made by using our home made coconut oil, there is an unmistakable rich taste and a fragrance spreading all throughout the kitchen. Well as per Sri Lankan modern traditional food method, A combination of a tasty Red fish curry together with Dhal white curry and Papadam (Papads) consider a heavenly indulgence! It is that much a tasty feast. But after adding couple of spinach leaves to the Dhal white curry it takes an entirely different twist.

I got an idea of using the spinach leaves into spinach balls by using the left-over boiled white cowpea which was made for breakfast! There wasn’t enough drumsticks(moringa) left for a meal. So I scraped off the flesh of the left-over drumsticks and mixed with the mixture to add more nutritional value! I blanched the large spinach leaves in hot water for few minutes so it will be easy to roll the leaf into a ball by placing the mixture in the middle of the leaves. To be an excellent home cook, one should consider top 3 features in their dishes! The high nutritional factor, the fresh and well balanced taste and of course the presentation! It stuck to my mind how highly nourishing this dish was by adding different nutritional ingredients plus one could experience that excellent taste of several dishes in one fully wholesome dish!

Oh! I almost forgot to mention about my Chilli pickle my friends! My elder Aunty had sent some capsicum from her home grown garden through grandmother! My aunt had harvested the entire crop of the tender and the mature capsicums at once due to they are getting spoiled because of the continuous evening rain we are experiencing these days! I have seen few varieties of capsicum grown in my aunty’s garden! Since the quantity was too much for us, I made a capsicum curry for yesterday dinner! Still there were more left! I decided to make a fresh Srilankan type pickle by using the left over capsicums! I was indeed in a mood for a very hot pickle. I picked some Bird chilies (Kochchi miris), purple Bird chilies (Dam kochchi) from brothers chilli garden and added green chilies, capsicums, white Bird chilies (sudu Kochi) Ball chillies (kavum miris) & more than a handful of shallots and made a very hot pickle. The number 1 golden rule in preserving chutney/ pickle is not to use a wet spoon in making them or not to store the blanched ingredients in a wet containers. Because the pickle will get spoiled in days after preserving them. This traditional pickle which I made needs to be fermented in a dry clay pot for at least 2-3 days to get its original long lasting fresh taste! There was lots of pickle in the clay storing pot, so after 3 days I sent my Elder Aunty’s and my uncles share. To make the pickle more flavorful, i added some fried sprats and mixed before I sent their shares! Its a well accepted fact in these traditional villages that it’s taste make such a differently by adding fried sprats into a well pickled pickle rather than letting the sprats to be pickled together with the pickle!
As usual I can’t let any of my descriptions to be penned off without mentioning about my darling brother. What ever the dish i make my brother wants to whack it instantly! One of his favorites among my dishes is white rice and pickle, nothing else. Sometimes I’m also like a kid! I pulled his leg by telling him that I cooked red rice insted of white rice! For instance I saw his face becoming long with such a disappointed look! He is my one and only loving little bro and to make him happy by cooking his favorite food gives me so much happiness and joy. Did you see my friends how his face lightened up when he saw that it was the white rice that I have cooked! Yes I love my little bro more than anything else!

Love you All!


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乡村烹饪 cuisine de village गाँव का खाना बनाना cucina del villaggio طبخ القرية Dorfkochen 村の料理 dorp koken 마을 요리 pagluluto ng nayon деревенская кухня cozinha da vila ഗ്രാമീണ പാചകം cocina del pueblo গ্রাম রান্না vesnické vaření landsby madlavning ចម្អិនអាហារតាមភូមិ kylän ruoanlaitto गाउँ खाना पकाउने masakan desa கிராம சமையல் masakan kampung หมู่บ้านทำอาหาร gotowanie na wsi köy pişirme làng nấu ăn ရွာချက်ပြုတ် μαγειρική στο χωριό villa coctione

Inspired by 李子柒 Liziqi and Dianxi Xiaoge

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