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Vada Pav Recipe: Indian snacks | Batata Vada | Vada Pav Chutney | Vada Pav Video | MskRecipes

***********Recipe Steps**************

Stage 1: Stuffed Green Chilli
Cut the green chilli in the middle
Remove seeds
Ingredients for stuffing: Fried gram, jeera and salt
Grind all ingredients and make a fine powder
Stuff green chilli with powder
In a pan, add oil and roast stuffed chillis

Stage 2: Alu Vada
Prepare Mashed Potato (Alu)
Grind a paste of Coriander and Green Chillis
In a pan, add oil, jeera, & the paste of Coriander and Green Chillis
Saute it
Add Turmeric
Add Coriander (Daniya) Powder and Garam Masala
Add Mashed Potato (Alu) and Mix
Add Lemon drops and Mix without lumps
Make flat tikkis (patties)
In a separate pan, add oil
In a bowl, mix Besan flour with Salt, Cooking Soda, Oil
Add water and mix well to prepare batter
Test if oil is hot enough to fry vada
Dip alu patties in batter and deep fry in oil
Alu Vadas are ready 🙂
Use the remaining batter 🙂

Stage 3: Pudina Chutney
Grind Pudina, Coriander, Green Chilli, Salt
Pudina Chutney is ready 🙂

Stage 4: Pav
On a tawa, add butter
Cut Pav and fry on the tawa with butter

Stage 5: Vada Pav

Enjoy Vada Pav with Stuffed Green Chilli and Pudina Chutney:-)

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Enjoy 🙂

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